Pull Start Fire product review

Ages:older teens and adults
Price:Prices vary depending on the number of boxes
Website:Pull Start Fire

Pull Start Fire is a safe, easy, and effective way to start a fire. This ingenious little gadget does not require any matches. It can withstand winds up to 200 mph and can even light wet wood. So camping this year is looking much easier.

To use the Pull Start Fire, simply wrap the green string over a log, securing the device to the log. Then pile logs around the bottom log that has the Pull Start Fire device attached. Hold the red string and pull, starting the fire in one easy step. The Pull Star Fire will burn approximately 30 minutes. And you can continue to add logs if you desire. The hard part of starting the fire is over. Just sit back and relax and enjoy the crackling fire and the warmth. Forget the old way of lighting matches and trying to get some newspaper to start the logs burning. That is outdated. In today’s world starting a campfire (or even a fire in you backyard fire pit) is quick and easy. And there are no matches around for kids to get hold of.

The little unit is made of 89% recycled material so it is eco friendly. It’s lightweight so if you are hiking, you won’t have a heavy item to carry. However the best part is the ease in which it starts a fire. Each Pull Start Fire has a red string attached to one side and a green string attached to the other, making it easy to use. And without any matches to light, little kids won’t be tempted to touch the match.

A box of the Pull Start Fire includes 3 starters. One pack lists for $19.99 however there are multiple pack options from the website.

Check out how easy it is to now light a fire at their website.

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