'Giraffes: Africa’s Gentle Giants' on PBS

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Natural World: Giraffes - Africa's Gentle Giants
Giraffes are majestic, gentle, beautiful, and loving animals. Unbeknownst to many people, they are also endangered. When a family decides to take on the challenge to save giraffes, their story will not only inspire viewers but also give hope and show that humans are not all bad. There are some good people, some caring people, and some people that put others – in this case the future of giraffes – above their own lives.

Did you know there are many different species of giraffes? Their numbers, however, are dwindling and in great danger of being wiped off the face of the earth. How can we let that happen? Giraffes are magnificent and peaceful animals. They deserve a chance to live and thrive.
Natural World: Giraffes - Africa's Gentle Giants
When one family decided to take it upon themselves to safe Giraffes, their journey took them to places they never imagined. Teaming with the Giraffe Conservation Foundation and people in Uganda, Namibia, and Ethiopia, this documentary shows the hard work that this project required. With the giraffe population decreasing rapidly, something drastic had to be done. War is raging in Africa, which caused many hassles for the team. But they kept going.

The endangered Rothschild giraffe became front and center for this group. How could they safely save the population and relocate them to land where they had the opportunity to thrive?
Natural World: Giraffes - Africa's Gentle Giants
That is an interesting story in itself. They first had to safely capture several giraffes without hurting them or causing them stress. Then they had to ferry them across the Nile River. Yes, you read correctly. Can you imagine a boat with several giraffes traveling across the river? They managed to relocate 18 of the endangered giraffes, outfit them with satellite location trackers, and now keep track of them in their new home, hoping to soon have plenty more babies and a new generation of these magnificent Rothschild giraffes for future generations of humans to appreciate.

This documentary is inspiring. It’s heartening to know that people put themselves in danger to help one of nature’s gentle and beautiful creatures. One look in a giraffe’s eye and you will see that they are sensitive, caring animals.

Natural World: Giraffes - Africa's Gentle Giants
In this day and age when people are killing each other right and left for no reason, it is nice to see that some people are doing the right thing. Long live giraffes!

Giraffes: Africa’s Gentle Giants premiers October 26, 2016 on PBS’ NATURE.
(all photos courtesy Tom Mustill/AGB Films)

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