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underwrapsWhat happens when a klutzy, rambunctious little boy disrupts the peaceful eternity of a long-deceased pharaoh? Plenty. This kid unleashes the curse of the Pharaoh’s tomb, thereby creating havoc and altering his parents. Under Wraps is a cute little animated film about mummies, pop culture, and curses.


Danny is an adventurous young boy. His archaeologist parents are always going on trips exploring ruins, and Danny and his older sister Eleanor tag along. Eleanor is not excited about their explorations. She would rather spend the day on her smart phone, texting her friends. But Danny is eager to explore.


One day in Egypt, Danny goes exploring on his own, even though he is told to stay in their campground. Eleanor is too busy checking her phone to notice her little bro sneaking out.


Danny discovers an old tomb with a mummy in the catacombs. The mummy has a talisman that was created for him so he would spend eternity in peace and tranquility. A curse exists whereby anyone who disturbs the mummy by taking the amulet will become a mummy. Danny, unaware of this curse, takes the amulet and heads back to the campground.


What happens is that his parents are turned into mummies, and Danny learns that if he doesn’t reverse the curse by sundown, they will remain that way permanently. When their parents start the transformation into mummy hood, Danny enlists the help of his sister to reverse the curse. They need to collect several ingredients to do this, so off they all go in search for whatever it takes to get their parents back to normal.


Along the way they encounter many obstacles. Their quest turns out to be filled with a lot more than they bargained for.


In the end, Eleanor, the cool big sis who is “so over this family,” discovers how great they really are. And Danny acknowledges that he never really felt like part of the family either. They all learn something about being a family. “It doesn’t matter whether you think you’re part of it or not. You just are.”


It takes an old sarcophagus and an ancient curse to bring the family together.


Under Wraps is rated PG for some scary images, rude humor, and action.


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