Gourmet Grillware from Wilton Armetale

Price:$21 - $86

Gourmet™Grillware from Wilton Armetale will not break, chip, crack, rust or tarnish. Armetale® metal is a patented aluminum alloy that was originally developed in the 1950’s for the restaurant industry in New York. This rugged, restaurant tested metal and the grill together just make sense. You can use the same Armetale® piece to prepare, cook and present your tasty creations. That means less time spent cleaning up. Best of all, the heavy gauge Armetale metal will keep foods hot longer at the table. Durable enough for everyday use our grillware is guaranteed for life against breakage!

Gourmet Grillware Rectangular Sizzle Skillet – $42
    – Grill the perfect stir fry, seafood, vegetables and more… Perfect for those “slip-thru-the-grates” foods.


Gourmet Grillware Jalapeno Tray – $42.00
    – Jalapeño Tray. Use it as a muffin or brownie mold, making tasty treats, baked in the shape of plump jalapeño peppers. You can also roast peppers on the grill in the deep jalapeño shaped molds.


Gourmet Grillware Rectangular Griddle w/Handles – $71
    – Greet the day with a tasty grilled breakfast, bacon, eggs, french toast or sausage. Use this large griddle to grill lunch and dinner too. Best of all, serve it right to the table.



Gourmet Grillware Fish Griller – $71
    – The Fish Griller is not only cool looking, it works too. Grill shrimp, scallops or your favorite fish without losing a single morsel into the depths of the grill. Serve your finished fare right to the table. The Armetale® metal will keep you food hot longer at the table.