reliefband for motion sickness


Summer is just around the corner. That means cruises, air travel, train travel, car trips, boat trips, and motion sickness. Instead of going to the doctor for a prescription or the pharmacy for something that will often make you drowsy, reliefband is a drug-free way to control airsickness, seasickness, motion sickness, vertigo, and even morning sickness.

The FDA has cleared reliefband for targeting nausea. It’s a high-tech wearable band that provides almost instant relief from nausea. Even people who suffer from vertigo can get relief with this product. And it has been tested on people who do VR gaming, which often causes motion sickness.

This high tech gadget is easy to use and works quickly by telling the brain to stop the nausea. First apply the conductivity gel that comes in the package. The area that is affective for reducing nausea is on the underside of the wrist, about two finger widths from the wrist crease. Once the gel is applied, attach the band.

There are five settings, depending on the severity of your symptoms. What you will feel is a little tingling. Set the device on the most comfortable setting. That’s all there is to it.

The reliefband has been praised by women who suffer from morning sickness during pregnancy. It is also affective for people who suffer from migraines. This could be a life changer for many folks.

How can this product work without any drugs? It’s really very simple when you think about it. When placed in the correct position, it targets the neural pathways and tells your brain to stop the nausea.

When you’re on vacation and suffer from nausea due to motion sickness, you often get a prescription or over the counter remedy. But they can have side effects, like making you drowsy. If you’re drowsy you cannot enjoy your vacation. Without drugs in your system, the reliefband will not cause these side effects.

If you have put off taking a cruise because you get seasick, if you hate taking car trips because of the nausea, if you have vertigo, migraines, or get morning sickness when you’re pregnant, the reliefband is something for you to consider.

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