‘And Just Like That…’ wraps up season 1

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Last December the Sex and the City gang reunited for the next chapter in their lives. And Just Like That… shows the characters as they are now in their 50s. Kim Cattrall does not appear as Samantha Jones in this series, however Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Evan Handler, Mario Cantone, and others revive their roles and this series brings in many new characters.

What is bothersome about the show is the stress on the “woke” culture. This has upset many fans of the original series. Some people have voiced their dissatisfaction at seeing the characters they have loved and enjoyed for decades as senior citizens, or at least middle aged. For me, that was not the aspect that was distressing. What I found off-putting about the show is the “woke” preachiness that is pervasive in each episode. Fans of the characters do not want to see them in this light. It takes away from the fun of the characters and their stories.

The initial episode started out with a sad note. By now we all know that Big dies in the episode. So the rest of the series has Carrie picking up the pieces of her life and trying to go on without the love of her life. She does have all her friends by her side and that helps.

Unfortunately Willie Garson who played Stanford Blatch passed away in real life so his character had to be written out of the series.

Many viewers have also voiced their displeasure that the fashions and jewelry, which were prevalent in the original series, was missing to some degree in this 10-episode series. Take heart. The final episode of this series is basically a redemption of that. The fashions are in full swing in this episode. Carrie manages to wear some of the best outfits of the season in this one episode. Whew. Maybe if they return there will be more of these great dresses.

Episode 10 finalizes the year since Big’s death. All of the characters are taking the next steps in their lives. At the time of this writing, it looks like a second season is on the horizon. If so, I know many of the die-hard fans of SATC would prefer the writers to step back from the “woke” speak and get back to the original fun of the characters. There is enough preaching on TV. SATC was a fun respite and great escape into the world of the four women who managed to get through their lives with amazing wardrobes and jewelry that we envied.

If executive producer Michael Patrick King and the writers are reading this, please take note. Dump the high-profile “woke” aspect and return to the recipe that made SATC a fan favorite. Please.

And Just Like That… streams on HBO Max.

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