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Sensitivity to light is a common problem for many people. Migraine sufferers are especially affected by light. And people with autoimmune diseases have light sensitivity as well as eye problems. One of the ways to lessen light sensitivity is with the Allay Lamp. It was featured in our Holiday Gift Guide and is something that can benefit people of all ages, even if you do not suffer from any of the above medical problems.

First, what is the Allay Lamp? It is a portable rechargeable lamp that emits soothing green light. We’ve all heard that blue light affects our sleep prompting experts to warn against having laptops and screens on in the bedroom before going to sleep. But with green light the brain is calmed. A calmer brain leads to faster and better sleep, and we all know that having a good night sleep can help our moods and how we feel.

Pregnant women and new parents suffer from sleep problems and deprevation. Even though we get tired, sometimes shutting down our minds is a difficult task. Take note: the wavelengths of this green light help calm the mind and help people get a better sleep. And what new parent can resist a better sleep?

As a migraine sufferer who has extreme light sensitivity, this is a product I was eager to try. The green light has definitely been helpful when it comes to trying to sleep while fighting a migraine. But more than that, being someone who also has autoimmune diseases, this is a useful item. My eyes are often in pain. People cannot imagine what it is like when eyes hurt. I’m not talking about having an eyelash or something else in my eye. I have real major pain behind and around my eyes, due to my disease. This lamp emits a soothing green light that does not make my pain worse (like regular light) and it even soothes my eyes. As a matter of fact, it relieves much of the eye pain. Hallelujah.

So how does this light work? It is rechargeable and comes with a micro USB plug. Once charged, place the palm of your hand over the top of the cylindrical lamp to turn it on. Adjusting the intensity is simply a matter of sliding a finger over the top. The lamp also comes with a click-on shade to focus the light in a specific direction. Or, you can remove the shade and have a full cylinder of soothing light.

If you need regular light, simply flip the cylinder over and voila, you have a normal white light. This light can also be dimmed as well as used with the shade.

The difference between blue light and green light is simple. Blue light energizes the brain and green light calms the brain. Think of all the times you have stayed in bed with a racing mind. The narrow band of green wavelengths quiets neurons in the brain, which helps lead to sleep. And sleep is necessary for all of us. The manufacturer recommends using the green light for at least 30 minutes and two hours for ultimate calming.

New parents, pregnant women, migraine sufferers, and autoimmune patients were the focus for inventing this unique lamp. However it is not solely for those people. Students can gain benefits from this as well. Studying and preparing for exams can cause anxiety and lead to sleepless nights. The calming Allay Lamp can help. Kids who are concerned about things or anxious and eager for the next day can also benefit from a good night sleep, and that is what this lamp does. It promotes a calmer brain leading to better sleep.

Discovered by Harvard migraine researcher Rami Burstein, the Allay has been a useful tool for people around the world. And it is based on science. So if you have problems falling asleep, turn off everything in your bedroom and turn on the Allay Lamp. Let the patented narrow-band green wavelengths calm your mind.

There is a 40-day return policy so it is worth trying. It is a little pricey yet with the return policy you have nothing to lose. And if it helps with any of your problems, then it is worth twice the price! As I mentioned earlier, I do suffer from several illnesses that affect my eyes. So this has been a product that I have tried and can recommend. By calming my eyes – and my brain – the symptoms are greatly diminished. Finally there is something that helps – without medications.

I want to stress the benefit of this lamp for pregnant women. For a healthy baby it is necessary for the mother-to-be to be calm and not stressed. And it is also important for a pregnant woman to get enough sleep. But worrying about the future can lead to problems falling asleep. And once the baby arrives, think about putting this lamp in the nursery. If it calms the brains of adults, it can do the same for babies. Pregnancy is often troublesome, with nausea and other issues. It’s just part of the process. However, anything we can do to alleviate some of the discomfort to be able to enjoy the months is welcome. This is one tool pregnant women can come to rely on. And without drugs, it is definitely something that is healthy for mom and baby. And after birth, well, let’s just say it keeps on helping everyone in the family. Give it a try. With their return policy you have nothing to lose.

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