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With an array of whacky characters, Parents is a cute British sitcom from 2012. With only one season, it’s easy to binge during one evening or over a weekend.

Jenny Pope (Sally Phillips) is a high-powered manager but she snaps and in a fit of rage attacks a fellow office mate. That leads to her being fired, losing her house, and having to take her family back to live with her parents in a village called Kettering. Her husband Nick (Darren Strange) is a self-titled entrepreneur. The thing is, he has an idea for a high-energy drink, but not any recipe or any backing. So, he is actually just a dud.

Their teenage kids Becky and Sam (Jadie Rose Hobson and Christian Lees) are not happy about their newfound circumstances. They don’t enjoy being broke and living with their grandparents. And they miss London.

Jenny’s parents Len (Tom Conti) and Alma (Susie Blake) are happy to have their family together in the same house. But Len insists on his personal space and keeping his daily routine. And Jenny’s snobby sister Chrissy (Daisy Haggard) often drops over with her twins to show them how destitute people look, pointing out her sister and family.

Okay, so there are the grandparents, the parents, and two kids all trying to live their lives while not driving each other crazy. Will Jenny ever get a job so they can move out of this cabbage-smelling house? Will Nick ever get a recipe for his power drink?

While Jenny works on finding a job and trying to keep her temper this time around, the kids encourage her to take anything she can get. All they want is to get out of the house. But what everyone discovers is that there is no substitute for family.

This is a sitcom the entire family can view together. While it might not be suitable for very, very young kids, it’s basically harmless fun for everyone.

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