‘Undercover Princes’ and ‘Undercover Princesses’ look for love as commoners

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We all know Megan Markle couldn’t make it as a royal and opted to leave the security and privilege of the palace. She was looking for her prince and found him. In the series’ Undercover Princes and Undercover Princesses, real life princes and princess head to the U.K. to see if they can find someone who will love them for themselves and not for their royal titles.


Undercover Princes

In Brighton, Indian Crown Prince Manvendra, Prince Remigius of Sri Lanka and Prince Africa Zulu leave their royal titles and privileges behind and live life as average men. They are given ordinary jobs and begin their hunt for a mate to bring back to their countries and hopefully join their royal families.

Learning how to dress as a non-royal is a challenge. Then they must learn how to do their assigned jobs: cleaning hotels, waiting tables, and bartending. Their objective is to find a mate, so they begin by going to bars. Can they make a meaningful connection with a woman who sees them only as a regular man trying to learn the British culture?

Things go a little askew when Crown Prince Manvendra comes out as gay. So his quest turns to finding a man, while the others continue their quest for a good woman who will be able to join their royal life.

Sharing a house also brings up some frustrations, as the men must figure out how to maintain their surroundings. The other two princes are a bit hesitant about Manvendra, but they learn to live together. When their three weeks are over they must reveal their true identities to their newfound friends and take them back to their kingdoms.


Undercover Princesses

This time there are three princesses who travel to Essex in the U.K. to find someone who will love him or her for himself or herself. First is outgoing Princess Xenia Prinzessin von Sachen from Germany. She decides to take on the name Gabby and is easy-going and ultimately is not challenged by meeting men. Her full name is Xenia Gabriela Florence Sophie Iris. No wonder she shortened it to Gabby for these three weeks.

The second princess is Sheillah Cinderella Nvannungi of Buganda, Uganda. She decides to use the name Cinderella for her quest in the U.K. Cinderella enjoys being free from the confines of her royal life but finds it hard to find a man with whom she feels any connection.

The third princess to join the group is Princess Aaliya Sultana Babi of Balasinor, India. She keeps her name and is the most uncomfortable of the trio. She has been raised in a country where she does not instigate conversations with me and has a hard time coming out of her shell.

As it turns out, Gabby finds three men she likes but must select only one to take back to Germany. Aaliya cannot break free of her upbringing and is definitely out of her comfort zone when it comes to men. And Cinderella and her man fall in love. But when the women reveal their true identities to their new friends, will that be off-putting or exciting?

These are not new shows however with the spotlight these days being on Prince Harry and his wife leaving their royal lives, it is interesting to see how royal princesses and princes adjust to living as commoners without all their household helpers. And watching them relate to the general public is interesting as well.

How much of these shows are scripted? Well…

It’s a good idea to take to watch these shows as entertainment. It is fun, however, to see the various cultures interacting.

Both shows are available now to stream on True Royalty TV.


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