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Wish is now available for home viewing with plenty of additional features.

The story centers around Asha (voiced by Ariana DeBose), a girl with high moral standards and a desire to do good. She lives in the Mediterranean island city of Rosas which is ruled by a seemingly nice king and an equally caring queen. The king takes everyone’s wishes and reviews them. His goal is to keep the peace, but the people of Rosas do not know that he has no intention of granting the wishes. He ends up being the newest Disney villain.

An unwitting Asha applies to be his assistant and discovers what has happened to all the wishes. They are stowed away never to be granted. She is heartbroken and dearly wants to help the people of Rosas realize their wishes. But how can one young girl do this? Asha looks up at the stars and makes her own wish. Well, that starts everything going in a different direction. 

A memorable aspect of this film is when the credits are rolling at the end. As the credits roll a number of past Disney characters appear, which is a fun element. Plus, when all the credits are over, there is one last scene that will touch the hearts of Disney fans.

Bonus features add a lot to this film which is meant to be an homage to the 100 years of the Disney studio. In the bonus “Wish D-Classified” viewers see how the filmmakers honored many of the past Disney classics within this new movie. There are some hidden Mickeys as well as references to Snow White, Cinderella, and others. Asha’s seven friends is just one clue. 

Audio outtakes show some of what was not included as well as some deleted scenes in their early sketch versions. A deleted song, “A Wish Worth Making” is beautiful but didn’t make it into the actual film however it does play during the ending credits. 

There are several additional features with the filmmakers discussing various aspects of the movie including how they designed the newest Disney castle, how they researched to represent the Mediterranean region, the wardrobes, and more. They also discuss “the wish equation” and how responsibility is important when making a wish. They talk about the evolution of the Star character, the addition of a handicapped character, and how Disney takes viewers to different worlds around the globe and through time.

Viewers can see the film in a “sing along” version and also have the ability to select specific songs to watch those scenes. 

“Once Upon a Studio” is a short that is beloved by Disney fans. It brings together most of the Disney characters for a 100 year group photo. It’s adorable and will definitely delight fans as they see their favorite characters gather together in front of the Animation building at the studio – when all the humans have gone.

With plenty of additional features that will definitely add more background to the film and the short “Once Upon a Studio,” the digital version will be viewed over and over again. And the story of Asha will be added to the list of characters beloved by Disney fans. Also, let’s not forget her sidekick Valentino, her pet goat who is sweet, fun, and lovable.

Wish is rated PG for thematic elements and mild action.

Wish is now available at digital retailers, and will be available on 4K, Blu-ray and DVD March 12.

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