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Dinotrux“Dinotrux” is the first original program for the DreamWorks Animation/Netflix collaboration. This animated series is based on a book and clearly shows the imagination of the creators knows no bounds.


So, just what are Dinotrux? They are combinations of dinosaurs and trucks and viewers won’t have a difficult time figuring out which trucks and dinosaurs combine to form the characters. Besides the Dinotrux characters, there are reptools – combinations of reptiles and tools – that help the trucks stay in shape. After all, everyone needs a little upkeep from time to time.


Everyone eats ore and mining for it can be a bit difficult at times. But these little – and not so little – fellows manage pretty well.


Each episode in this series is stand-alone so there are no serialized storylines. Viewers don’t have to see the series in any order to understand what is going on. While the series targets boys ages 4-8, girls will also find the fun with the various characters.


The animators had a difficult task in creating the characters. Unlike the vehicles in the “Cars” films, these characters don’t have “squishable” faces. They obey the laws of physics – as much as a dinosaur/truck character can – so their expressions were a little difficult to create. But the creators did a magnificent job in this department. The characters are relatable and easy to understand.


The series takes place in the “Mechazoic” period. As Ron Burch said to members of the media, each episode is “packed with action, comedy, and heart.” They are “meaningful stories” that reflect the “wild world” in which the characters live.


“It’s a brand new world,” adds David Kidd. That allows the creators a wide berth when it comes to using their imaginations. And this show is definitely filled with imagination. He acknowledged the task was to “mirror our world without people.” Once viewers see the first episode they will understand this new “fun action comedy with heart.”


“The bottom line is it is a lot of fun,” Burch exclaimed. And each viewer will undoubtedly have his or her favorite character.


There is Ty, a T-Trux and his cute little sidekick Revvit, a reptool.  The first villain they encounter is D-Structs. Ty is unlike any Dinotrux Revvit has ever seen. He is friendly and wants to build a nice world in which everyone lives in peace. Revvit enlists his friends to help Ty and Ty garners support from other Dinotrux.

There’s no doubt this series is filled with fun and definitely imagination. With Velocitractors, Scraptors, Craneosaurs, Scrapadatyls, and others there’s no limit to the fun when a truck or tool combines with a living creature. And yes, there are products related to this series. Mattel is partnering with DreamWorks Animation to bring these adorable characters to your home.

Currently the creators have designed 50 characters but more will be rolling out as the series continues. The main characters are Ty, Revvit, Skya, Dozer, Ton-Ton, Garby, Ace, Waldo, Click-Clack, D-Structs, and Skrap-it. With creativity combined with life lessons, this is a show parents will enjoy viewing along with their kids.

“Dinotrux” rolls into Netflix August 14. Click here to download coloring pages of the characters.


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