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Combining amazing scenery, some pretty imaginative dialogue, and an adorable bear family, DisneyNature brings Alaska’s Brown Bears to the screen for viewers to get a peek inside their lives. Bears is a fun live-action film that is a window opening on the wilderness of Alaska.


Before you read further, you’re probably wondering if the bears all make it through the film alive. That’s an important element when deciding on watching a film or showing it to sensitive children. Okay, spoiler alert – yes, they are all alive at the end of the film, so rest assured this is something everyone in the family can enjoy in peace.


The film follows a mother bear (named Sky by the filmmakers) and her two cubs (Scout and Amber) as they awaken from their first hibernation and leave the safety of their den to look for food and explore the great land of Alaska. The state has over five million acres of protected land, and it is gorgeous. Just looking at this Blu-ray is like a travelogue for the 49th state.


The family ventures out to look for salmon, which is full of protein and something they need to stock up on in order to make it through the next winter’s hibernation. They must face dangers – an avalanche which is deadly however quite beautiful when watching in high def in the comfort of your home, wolves who are hungry for bear cubs, and other forces of nature.


The dialogue the filmmakers put over the scenes is entertaining. Of course, we don’t really know what the bears are thinking, but hey, why not make this entertaining as well as educational and enjoyable? Scout loves to frolic and Amber often hitches a ride on her mother’s back. These two little cubs grow quickly over the seasons. Then when winter comes, they return to the mountain to dig a den for the next hibernation. They sleep for six months before starting this process over again. Sky is a dedicated and adoring mother and everyone will enjoy this look at the lives of this Brown Bear family.


The bonus features are as interesting as the actual movie. “Welcome to Alaska” is a feature about the film crew and the majestic location in which they set up to film this extraordinary nature film. They had to arrive by plane and, as a cameraman says, “it’s just us and the bears” out here. Katmai National Park is scenic and impressive. It’s “rugged but beautiful terrain.”


“How Did They Film That?” is another feature looking at the two years it took to create this film. It was “a massive undertaking for the Disney Nature crew.” They say their greatest challenge was filming the three bears leaving their den high in the mountain. From the air, on the ground, and in the water, these dedicated filmmakers are responsible for bringing this amazing film to the screen.


“The Future of Bears” looks at the bears and their habitat. Dr. Jane Goodall visited the location during filming and was awestruck by the beats. They are smart, not ferocious, and are in a fight for survival. Not only do the bears need protecting, but also their habitat and their food source, which are salmon that live in the ocean so the oceans need protecting as well. This is the ultimate circle of life. Everything is interconnected.


“A Guide to Living with Bears” is the final feature describing how the film crew relied on their guides to predict the movements of the bears and help them safely film the extraordinary adventure of Sky and her cubs.


Bears is a beautiful look at life and nature. This combo pack includes both a DVD and a Blu-ray disc. I highly recommend viewing on the Blu-ray disc. Bears is rated G.


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