‘DreamWorks Trolls: The Beat Goes On’ comes to Netflix

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From DreamWorks Animation, Trolls: The Beat Goes On will engage viewers and immerse them in the world of the colorful and endearing characters. The series dives into life in the Troll village and their friends in Bergen Town. The series picks up where the feature film ended. The Bergens and the Trolls are now living peacefully because the Bergens no longer search out Trolls to eat! Whew. They have forged a fun and funny friendship.

Queen Poppy is filled with effervescence and wants everyone to have fun, fun, fun, while Branch is the outsider misfit of the group and supplies some grounding for the peppy Poppy.

Poppy and Bridget the Bergen are good friends. Combining life in the Troll Village with that in Bergen Town is part of the fun viewers will see throughout the series.

During a recent press visit to the studio, members of the media were introduced to all aspects of this adorable new series. The series is geared toward kids, but adults will undoubtedly enjoy it as well. After all, we have all grown up with the Trolls.

The attention to detail in the animation is amazing. As the animators discussed, the texture of the scenes and specific features (grass between feet, etc.), plus the lush backgrounds add warmth to this 2D show. There are plenty of visual jokes to look for and the music adds an important element to the episodes. As writer Matthew Beans explained, “Music has created an identity for the show.”
One additional specific detail that was pointed out is the fact that there are no lines delineating the Trolls’ hair and ears. This was a creative decision to add a little more refinement to the characters and they blend in better with the backgrounds, giving the scenes a seamless look of scenery and characters.

The biggest pressure the team had when creating the series was maintaining the quality. And, having seen what the finished product is, they have done an excellent job. This is definitely a well-crafted and entertaining show for all ages, even though the target age is 3-10. While kids will enjoy watching the series, there is an added sophistication for adults.

Amanda Leighton supplies the perky voice for Queen Poppy and Skylar Astin voices Branch. There is plenty of merchandise to go along with the delightful characters and the soundtrack is also available.

With the vast assortment of toys and products as well as this new series, Trolls are taking over – in a good way. And on those cold, wintry nights or after an afternoon sledding down the hill, warm up your kids with some hot chocolate in a colorful DreamWorks Trolls mug. And tuck them into bed with their very own soft and cozy DreamWorks Trolls blanket. Send your smaller kids off to dreamland with the delightful DreamWorks Trolls Little Golden Book. And who says Trolls are only for kids? There’s a fun DreamWorks Trolls “It’s Color Time” Adult Coloring Book.

DreamWorks Trolls: The Beat Goes On premieres January 19, 2018 on Netflix.

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