Family Guy’s 300th Episode

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The adult animated FOX series Family Guy is about to hit a milestone. The 300th episode will air January 14, 2018.

The episode is titled “Dog Bites Bear” and centers around Stewie, the baby with a football-shaped head and a British accent. His faithful teddy bear, Rupert, has been his companion since, well, as long as he can remember. This little bear is his best friend.

Feeling a little jealous, Brian, the talking dog that walks on two legs, rips the bear apart like a chew toy. What happens next sets the groundwork for the relationship between Stewie and Brian. No spoilers here.

As a reviewer, I was sent a preview copy of the episode, along with a cute little Rupert for my own. Along with the items came a letter from little Stewie who applauds his performance in the episode. He says it is being hailed as his best performance to date. You can be the judge.

Family Guy began airing in 1998 and has a cult following. Created by Seth MacFarlane, the wackiness of this completely dysfunctional and very odd family has remained a staple on FOX Sunday nights. The show has won seven Emmy Awards.

Seth MacFarlane voices Pater Griffin (Stewie’s dad) as well as Stewie and Brian, Alex Borstein voices Stewie’s mom Lois, Seth Green is the voice for his brother, and Mila Kunis voices his sister. Besides Family Guy, MacFarlane created and stars in the FOX sci-fi series The Orville.

Family Guy is rated TV-14. It’s definitely not for young kids.

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