Every Soul A Star by Wendy Mass – Book Review

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Every Soul a Star is a beautiful novel by Wendy Mass and will entice preteens to come to ponder the deeper meaning in the stars – they’ll just enjoy themselves because the plot is amazing!


The plot follows three main characters: Bree, a supermodel hopeful with big plans (one of which is not being forced into hermitism by her nerdy parents and sister), Jack, who’s teacher gave him an ultimatum – see an eclipse or go to summer school, and Ally who has never lived anywhere else but her resort in the middle of nowhere, and now it might not be her home. When all three of these characters come together, the story takes off in a touching narrative of an event none of them will ever forget.


This book was absolutely gorgeous, full of life, and touched by the realistic personalities that have come to characterize Mass’ writing. The climax was written beautifully and almost everybody identifies with one of the three main characters, which is crucial to connecting with a book.


Mass is one of my favorites because she always leaves you with something at the end, in this case the power of friendship and acceptance of the unknown.


About the Author

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