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Humpback Whales 2“The Phantom of the Opera” had “The Music of the Night.” The Humpback whales sing “the music of the deep.” “Humpback Whales” is a new documentary narrated by Ewan McGregor that focuses on the majestic mammals of the ocean. Our blue planet is 71 per cent water, and among the inhabitants of the vast oceans are the amazing humpbacks.


The humpbacks can grow up to 50 feet and often dive down 1000 feet. They are beautiful animals and the photography in this new IMAX film is spectacular. Viewers learn about the physiology of the whales and their history on earth. In the past they were hunted to near extinction for oil, however now they are on the comeback. Unfortunately, their numbers are still nothing like what they were in the past and there is talk about taking them off the endangered species list, which would most likely put them in danger again in the future.


Currently Japan, Norway, and Iceland are the only three countries that allow whaling. In 1978 the King of Tonga banned whaling and the whales in that country now number about two thousand. Not only are they coming back in numbers, they are now adding to the economy of Tonga. Instead of killing them for oil, they are tourist attractions and an education region for humans to learn about humpbacks and the necessity to keep them alive.


Each humpback has a distinct tail print, which is like our fingerprints. No two are alike. They also make a variety of sounds. The film covers their lives in today’s world and looks at their migration habits as well as other aspects of these beautiful whales, which can live up to 80 years.


The spectacular photography combined with music and the heartwarming stories of humpback whales make this a great family film. “Whales are awesome animals,” says director, Greg MacGillivray. “They are critical to the ecological health and survival of the ocean, and since they are among the largest animals to ever live on earth, there is no better subject for audiences to experience life-size on the giant screen.” Adds executive producer Tennyson Oyler, Vice President of Brand Management for Pacific Life, “Humpback whales are at the center of an environmental story that offers great promise. With the end of commercial whaling, humpbacks are steadily recovering from near extinction. This film transports audiences into their mysterious world for a close-up look at how truly remarkable these animals really are.”


This 40-minute film is a wonderful way for families to learn about the whales through the magnificent photography of IMAX.


For theaters in your area showing “Humpback Whales” go to Los Angeles residents can view the film at the California Science Center beginning July 3, 2015. For more information about these great mammals, go to



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