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Jurassic WorldJurassic World is the fifth film in the franchise, following Jurassic Park (1993), The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997), Jurassic Park III (2001), and Jurassic City (2014). While the first film in the series brought the lost world of dinosaurs back for the intention of having people today experience a lost time, the new movie not only has the scientists producing and reproducing dinosaurs from the past, but also creating hybrids, and in this case the hybrid they created is a lean, mean, killing machine.


Jurassic World is located on an island off the coast of Costa Rica. It is a luxury resort catering to families. There are restaurants, shops, a petting zoo, exhibits, a water show, and rides. This is a top vacation destination. But things go awry when the geneticists create a new hybrid dinosaur they name Indamines rex. To boost attendance, the geneticists at the park created this hybrid, however the military had a hand in the creation with the intent of making a new weapon they could unleash on enemies. This creation is more than they bargained for. It is definitely a killing machine, but it is also very smart.


Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) oversees the park. Her nephews Zach (Nick Robinson) and Gray (Ty Simpkins) have come to the park to experience the wonders of the dinosaurs. Their vacation turns into a fight for their lives when the new hybrid breaches its parameters and is loose in the park, threatening not only the other dinos but every person as well.




When Owen (Chris Pratt), an animal behaviorist and former military specialist who has been working with the raptors, discovers the danger facing the island, he jumps into action to help Claire not only locate her nephews who are somewhere in the park, but also track the dinosaur and kill it. Tracking it is easy. They simply follow the path of destruction. But killing it isn’t as easy.


Merging the past with the present was Hammond’s vision, and it is front and center in this film. Look for some great product placement, including Starbucks, Ben and Jerry’s, Samsung, Mercedes, Jeep, FedEx, Coke, Triumph motorcycle, Hilton, Nobu, Margaretville, and more of today’s places and things that bridge the gap between the past and the present.


The movie is intriguing and fast paced, and the two hours go quickly. There are, however, many scenes of danger and killing so keep that in mind when looking for a film for the entire family. This is a great thrill ride, but also a bit sad at times and definitely gory.


Jurassic World is rated PG-13.


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