Laugh Lines: 50 Years of Jokes, Stories, and Life as an Entertainer by Wayne Osmond

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front cover.inddThe Osmond Brothers have been in the public eye for over 50 years. Through the decades they have brought countless hours of entertainment and enjoyment to fans through their music and now their books. Many members of the family have written books and continue to write books, and between the pages of each and every book the public gets to know them just a little more intimately.


While the Osmonds continue to maintain their core fan base, they are always doing new things, which expands that base that spans several generations. Whether it is performing in concerts, performing on Broadway, recording, or appearing on television, members of the Osmond family are everywhere. After all, there are so many of them, they can’t help but be omnipresent.


While he is a musician as well as a singer, Wayne Osmond separated himself from his brothers onstage with his wit, sense of humor, and zaniness. His nickname is “Crazy Wayne.


In Laugh Lines: 50 Years of Jokes, Stories, and Life as an Entertainer, Wayne Osmond allows readers a look at the man behind the famous image. Each chapter opens with a small biographical sketch of certain aspects of his life. Throughout the book there are brief memories of life with Wayne Osmond written by his sons and daughters. Wayne has also included some excerpts from his diary that he kept for many years while he was growing up. There are many insights into Wayne Osmond the man and the father, which his fans will definitely enjoy.


Everyone who has seen the Osmond Brothers on stage knows that Wayne is the jokester and always ready with a one-liner. This book is a collection of some of his favorite jokes for all occasions. They are divided into categories. Laugh Lines is a great book to keep in the car so when you’re early for an appointment you can pick it up and read a few jokes.


Besides the enormous library of jokes included in the book, Wayne talks about his love of flying and how he received his pilot’s license before his driver’s license. He talks about his brain surgery and his family who have always been close to each other.


Filled with Jokes

This is a fun book even for people who do not consider themselves Osmond fans. There are pages after pages of fun jokes to read and memorize. It makes a fun party game too. When things get dull, pull out the book and start reading the jokes. There’s a joke in here for everyone. I haven’t counted the jokes but believe me, there are hundreds.


In this time of stalemates in Washington and a declining economy, I especially like his joke: “If pro is the opposite of con, is progress the opposite of congress?” (page 109) Think about it.


Laugh Lines is not the kind of book readers can read cover to cover. It takes a while for some of the jokes to digest. And if you do read it straight through, you will most likely forget a lot of the fun jokes Osmond has carefully selected to include in the book. True, some of them are clunkers, but there are a lot of laugh-out-loud moments between the covers of the book. You will find yourself chuckling or outright laughing from time to time.


Wayne is no longer performing with his brothers. This book is a good way for fans to continue getting their dose of Wayne’s humor. Did you hear the one about …?


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