The Power Trip by Jackie Collins – Book Review

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powertripJackie Collins does it again. In The Power Trip Collins delivers a page turning adventure with pizazz and of course plenty of sensuality and sexuality.


The book is divided into two sections. The first section introduces the large cast of characters in this riveting drama. There are Alexsandr Kasianenko, a Russian billionaire, and his supermodel girlfriend Bianca, around which this entire novel revolves. The other characters include a bachelor movie star and his adoring girlfriend, a sex-crazed United States Senator and his very happy wife, an English “footballer” and his interior decorator wife, a Latin singer and his selfish British partner, an internationally recognized journalist and his “save the world” friend, and a few others.


To say this list of characters is among the rich and famous of the world is an understatement. Each couple has recognition in their own right, but when you get them all together you have a group that is the A-List of the A-List. And together they all get, when Alexsandr and Bianca invite them on the maiden cruise of their luxury yacht. This cruise, to celebrate Bianca’s birthday, promises to be the most luxurious any of them has ever dreamed about.


The second part of the book takes place on board the yacht Bianca and readers will live vicariously through these characters as they are wined, dined, and entertained to the hilt. Jackie Collins has a way of putting her readers directly into the story and as they turn the pages they cannot help but feel like a fly on the wall of this incredible yacht.


Each couple has internal situations that are playing out in their staterooms. The Senator is on the lookout for a female sexual conquest; all the while a secret he has kept for years unravels right before his eyes. The soccer player is trying to rekindle the flame with his wife who has not been “in the mood” for a long time. The movie star is contemplating ending his relationship and looking for another young woman to keep him company. To put it bluntly, each couple comes aboard the yacht with their own personal drama.


All of the drama on the yacht comes to a head when pirates who have an ulterior motive other than simply money board it. With guns blazing and danger at every turn, this hijacking turns into something that the pirates never thought possible. They are actually fighting for their lives against a group from high society’s who’s who. How could this be?


Jackie Collins writes a narrative that is compelling and intriguing. No, this is not for younger readers. Yes, there is a lot of sex involved. Yes, the story is engaging. And yes, it is enjoyable reading. Decadency, jealousy, conniving, cheating, love, passion, and excitement all combine in this newest Jackie Collins novel.


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