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Like a Boss is the story of friendship. Rose Byrne and Tiffany Haddish star in this comedy that is a bit crude so it is for adults only.

Mel and Mia (Byrne and Haddish) have been best friends since middle school. After college they started their own cosmetics company called ‘Mia and Mel.’ Mel is the brains and Mia is the artistic partner of the operation. Together they make a great team, both in business and in their social lives. They live together and are truly the best of friends. But the business is not doing as well as their friendship.

Then a cosmetics mogul, Claire Luna (Salma Hayek), offers them a business deal that is almost too good to be true. Claire has ulterior motives other than adding ‘Mia and Mel’ to her conglomerate. She wants to split up their friendship so she can take control of their entire operation.

While Claire is doing her dastardly deeds, Mel and Mia’s friendship begins to unravel. Claire’s plans are coming to fruition. She will soon have complete control of their company. Or will she?

This is the story of friendship. Businesses come and go but true honest-to-goodness friendships last a lifetime. Through ups and downs, good and bad, if a friendship is true, it will last.

Jennifer Coolidge co-stars as Mia and Mel’s friend and employee, along with Billy Porter. Lisa Kudrow has a small but important part in this story of business and camaraderie.

The relationship between Mel and Mia is at the heart of the film. And watching Byrne and Haddish together is fun and the best part of the movie. They are a wonderful on screen team.

Like a Boss is available to buy on digital beginning April 7, 2020. It will be available “on demand” and on DVD and Blu-ray beginning April 21.

The film has some funny scenes and is peppered with raunchy dialogue and some inappropriate elements for children. Like a Boss is rated R and is definitely meant for adults.

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