Raycop RN Product Review


I have always been an allergy sufferer. I am also a germaphobe. So when Raycop sent their latest and greatest hand-held vacuum, the Raycop RN, I was overjoyed and excited to try it. This new vacuum is meant for furniture and mattresses and will clean the particles out from deep within the fabrics.

This newest hand-held vacuum from Raycop has powerful suction. This new vacuum has a strong pulsating brush to get deep and clean even pet hair while at the same time sucking up dust, dirt, allergens, pollen, mites, and mite eggs.

Also part of this unit is a UV Light for super sanitation. UV Light can kill bacteria and viruses. Not every virus is killed immediately with this device, but it has been proven to kill many of our everyday viruses and influenza. The COVID 19 virus is too new to have been tested on the unit, however the flu virus as well as others have definitely been tested and killed with this unit.

So, there is the strong pulsating brush to suck up all the gunk, the UV Light to kill bacteria and viruses, and a HEPA filter that will not let the particles back into the air. What else can users expect from the new RN? There is a new ventilation technology that won’t let the unit suck up fabric while it is sucking up the pollens, dirt, dust, mites, and hair. This is a great feature. There is also a high capacity box that allows users to use the Raycop longer before having to clean it. And the dust box and filter are easily removed for cleaning.

The Raycop RN is easy to use. The handle is comfortable to hold. It is a bit heavier than other handheld units, however the strong power and the peace of mind at having the germs gone are worth it

As I mentioned in the beginning, I am a germaphobe and suffer from allergies. I regularly clean my linens in hot water. After all, I do not want to sleep with mites and their feces and eggs. Who does? After using this RN for the first time on my mattress, I was shocked to see all the junk it collected. And this junk contains not only dust, but also mites, their feces, and eggs as well as possible bacteria and maybe viruses.

Just see how much junk was sucked up from one supposedly clean mattress:


This Raycop RN is going to get a lot of use in my house. With allergy season in high swing, all of my couches, chairs, and other surfaces will be getting a regular and thorough cleaning with the Raycop RN.

The bottom line is that the Raycop RN kills the germs and mites deep within mattresses, couches, chairs, etc., and with the strong pulsating and rotating brushes with all that suction, it sucks them out of your furniture. So you will not be sharing your couch or mattress with mites, their eggs, their feces, viruses, bacteria, and other unwanted particles.

I get many products to test and some of them are keepers. This one is definitely a keeper and going to be used over and over again. Keeping my house and family clean and rid of dust, pollens, mites, bacteria, viruses, and all the junk courtesy of those disgusting mites, it a priority. Raycop delivers on its promise to “clean the unseen.”

Check out their website for more information and other models. I am using the Raycop RN and personally recommend this unit. With the pulsating brush it is the best unit for pet hair.

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