Norbert – One Little Dog Changing Countless Lives

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Julie and Norbert
As soon as you see him, you have to smile. Norbert is a three-pound mixed breed ball of fluff. His story is not only fun, but also incredibly inspiring.

When Julie Freyermuth adopted this little fellow from Petfinder, little did she know how much he would change her life and countless others. When someone told her about the Registered Pet Therapy program, she decided Norbert was perfect for the job. After all, he is sweet, friendly, and everyone loves him. His little tongue hangs out from the left side of his mouth giving him a special expression only he has. Now Norbert and Julie are a registered team and have gone to hospitals and other places to add some sunshine to people’s lives.

But being a registered therapy dog was just the start of Norbert’s new life. His mom, Julie, is an extraordinary woman. Norbert inspired her to fulfill her lifelong dream of writing children’s books and having her mother Virginia, a professional artist and teacher, create the artwork for the books. They started their own publishing company, Polly Parker Press, and now have three Norbert books on the market: “Norbert: What Can Little Me Do?,” “Norbert: What Can Little You Do?,” and “Norbert & Lil Bub: What Can Little We Do?” The first book won 9 book awards. Each of the books has a special message for kids. No matter what their size, they can still do something and follow Norbert’s lead by spreading smiles and being kind to others.

They have already donated more than 2,000 books to children in need, and Norbert has appeared at several charity events. Julie is all about spreading the love. “Everything I’ve done in my life culminated into what I’m doing now,” she told me. She knows Norbert has a “unique gift in life,” explaining, “His mission is to spread smiles and inspire kindness.” It’s not only Norbert’s mission, but also Julie’s mission as she is all about giving back and spreading joy. “This is going to be our best year ever,” she said, not only because of all the charitable donations from the books, but also because a new life-size Norbert plush is going to hit the market this summer and they have joined with a national charitable organization to donate one plush for every plush purchased.
“Norberthood” is Norbert’s website. Yes, this little guy has his own website, thanks to the voice Julie has given him and their tireless efforts for children in need. “Norberthood for Good” is the philanthropy part of the business, and Julie has plenty of ideas about their future. She is grateful for this little fellow and happy that together they can “spread smiles and inspire kindness,” which is kind of their motto.

For more about Norbert, visit his website.

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