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Disney Princesses are beloved by young and old. These are three of the newest books focusing on three delightful characters and besides having entertaining stories, they also each have an important life lesson.


The newest Disney film, Frozen, has taken the world by storm, no pun intended. Elsa and Anna are two new characters and the newest Disney princesses. A Sister More Like Me is the story of Elsa and Anna, written by Barbara Jean Hicks with wonderful illustrations by Brittney Lee. It’s a fun book about the differences between the two sisters, written from their point of view. These two are as different as night and day, but they discover that even though they each wish the other was more like them, their differences are what make them unique and the love they share for each other is the glue that holds them together.


The Amulet and the Anthem is a Disney Junior book with Sofia the First, Disney’s first television princess-in-training. Princess Belle visits Sofia after she discovers she has done something that is not nice. In this case, she bragged to her friends when she was chosen to sing the Enchancia Anthem in the festival. The Princess Lesson is “A true princess is never boastful.” This book includes some great stickers of Sofia, her friends, and her animal friends.

And in the book Sofia the First: Holiday in Enchancia, Princess Aurora visits Sofia when she and her family (along with her animal friends) go out in the blizzard in search of her father. Aurora encourages Sofia to trust her animal friends, who lead them to King Roland. This is Sofia’s first Wassailia holiday as a princess and an eventful one, with the lesson that holidays are about “spending time with your loved ones.”


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