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From the popular Disney Junior Channel’s series Sofia the First comes a delightful CD filled with music embracing the love and spirit of Sofia and everyone in the land of Enchancia. Sofia the First: Songs from Enchancia includes 19 musical tracks, and several are karaoke versions so your child can sing along with the music and be the star of the song. And what little kid doesn’t fancy himself/herself as an aspiring singer?


One of the fun things about the show is that Sofia, a Disney Princess-in-Training, is often visited by the other Disney Princesses, who help her out when she is troubled. And we all know music is part of the Disney Princess stories, so it’s natural they sing with Sofia as well. On the CD Sofia sings songs with Ariel, Belle, and Jasmine, who each visited her on one occasion. The song with Cinderella was in the first Sofia the First soundtrack.

The tracks on this CD are:

  • Sisters and Brothers

  • Merowe Cove

  • The Love We Share (with Ariel)

  • Bigger is Better

  • You Can Always Count on Baileywick

  • Make it Right (with Belle)

  • Good Little Witch – Ballad

  • Good Little Witch

  • The Ride of Your Lives (with Jasmine)

  • A Recipe for Adventure

  • Bring My Best Friend Back (with Clover, the bunny)

  • The Simple Life

  • Make Way for Miss Nettle

  • Enchancia

  • Be Who You Wanna Be

  • Merroway Cove (Karaoke version)

  • Bigger is Better (Karaoke version)

  • Good Little Witch (Karaoke version)

  • A Recipe for Adventure (Karaoke version)

These are all fun songs sung by the various members of the cast, and mostly by the little princess (in-training) who is learning how to be a princess, how to be Royal, how to live with siblings, and how to grow up. Sofia is a beloved character and her TV show is popular with kids and their parents. Sofia is a great role model for little kids. She is kind, caring, courteous, and loving. The songs included in her new CD are sure to be sung around your house over, and over, and over…




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