‘Spacewalker’ shows the guts and glory of two Russian cosmonauts

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The movie Spacewalker is a little different viewing experience than most feature films. It is in Russian however Americans only hear the English dubbed dialogue. This is the story of Russian cosmonauts that risked their lives for untested rockets and spacesuits in the name of their country.

It’s the 1960s – time of the Cold War and the race for space. Space travel is moving along at a record pace. Both the USA and the USSR are trying to be the first at many accomplishments. And the USSR is about to make history by being the first to have a man walk in space outside of the tiny capsule.

The story of a fearless test pilot, Alexei Leonov, and a war veteran, Pavel Belyayev, takes viewers into space on a mission that should have been tested a lot more but wasn’t. These men bravely decided to risk their lives to explore the vacuum of space for their country.

While the cosmonauts are up in space, the men on the ground are guiding them through their mission. But there are plenty of things they cannot do from the ground when something goes wrong in space. It’s up to the cosmonauts to find a way through all the problems and to get through the mission and safely back on earth.

The cinematography is wonderful however because it is dubbed into English, many viewers might not enjoy it as much as they might if it were filmed in English. The movie is a Russian production however, and meant to showcase this actual mission much like the film Apollo 13 was a movie meant to showcase the American’s story.

The movie is based on a true story, which is what makes it compelling. The heart of the story is the bravery of the men. Astronauts and cosmonauts were people who put their lives on the line for their countries and for the exploration of the unknown.

Spacewalker is a 2017 Russian production but released with English dubbing and available on DVD and Blu-ray on January 19, 2021. The two bonus features provide a little history of the film and the mission and are in Russian with English subtitles. The movie is not rated.

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