'Holiday Affair' is a cute family story

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Robert Mitchum, Janet Leigh, and Wendell Corey star in the 1949 film Holiday Affair. Adorable little Gordon Gebert, who plays Leigh’s son in the film, upstages the three veteran actors.

Connie (Leigh) is a comparison shopper. She is overwhelmed at Christmastime trying to get everything her boss wants. Steve (Mitchum) is a toy salesman who sells her a wonderful train set. After arriving home, her son Timmy (Gebert) sneaks a peek inside the box and thinks the train is for him, even though Connie told him it was for her work.

The next day when Connie goes back to the store to return the train, Steve gets fired for not turning her in as a comparison shopper. The two spend the day together and low and behold, when she gets back to her apartment Carl (Corey) is waiting for her with little Timmy. Carl has been proposing to Connie and she finally accepts, to Timmy’s chagrin.

Timmy wants his life to stay the way it is with just himself and his mom. He doesn’t remember his father who was killed in the war. All he has is his mother and they are very, very close.

Then into the picture comes Steve who is besotted with Connie and Timmy. This now turns into a love triangle between Connie, Carl, and Steve, with little Timmy trying to figure out what is happening to his family.

This is a cute holiday movie and although it is well over a half-century-old, it still resonates today. The story of love, loss, memories, and hope is something that does not go out of style.

Little Gordon Gebert is absolutely adorable as the little boy who has a heart of gold and is filled with love. Plus he has two men who are eager to be his new father. Carl and Steve are two different men but they both have love and respect for Connie and Timmy. Carl is levelheaded attorney and Steve is a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of guy, but he does have a clear vision of his future.

Will Connie stay with the man she has known for years and with whom she is comfortable or will she go to the man who is a bit whimsical, with his feet on the ground but at the same time is reaching for the moon.

Holiday Affair is not rated but it is suitable for all ages. It can be purchased at the Warner Archive website or online where DVDs and Blu-rays are sold.

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