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Splash Mountain in Disneyland and Walt Disney World is going away. But before you get too upset, it is just for an update and reimagining. The current track will remain and when the attraction reopens in late 2024 (hopefully) it will be Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

There have been rumors about this for a long time but the final plans are set and in a short time Splash Mountain will cease to exist. So, if you are a big fan of this attraction, you better get to a park ASAP.

The new attraction will depict Tiana’s story and the scenery will represent New Orleans and the Bayou. The Imagineers that are transforming this attraction went to New Orleans to immerse themselves in the flora and fauna of the region along with the music and the residents.

As we all know, Tiana loves to cook so with a little luck, the folks at the resorts will find a way to add a Tiana restaurant nearby, or at least a cart with some goodies. After all, Tiana is all about food. How cool would it be to have Tiana’s restaurant next to the ride? Of course that probably won’t be an option as the space is limited, however it gives the powers that be something to ponder.

Disney lovers will either be excited to get this new attraction or disappointed that an iconic attraction is going away, but in any case Tiana’s Bayou Adventure is going to be an attraction that fans will look forward to experiencing. As they say, “that’s progress.”

There have also been rumblings about reimagining the Matterhorn, but as of now nothing has been confirmed to the media. Stay tuned.

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