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disneygoldenbooksWho hasn’t heard of the little Golden Books? We have all grown up with them. This new book, The Art of the Disney Golden Books, is one I am going to treasure.


Chris Sanders, the writer and director of Lilo & Stitch, writes, “…I was looking at those books long before I could read – they contained amazing worlds. They were warm, inviting, and delicious. I loved them.” (p. 15) Pixar production designer, Ralph Eggleston, explains, “Instead of trying to replicate the look of the film, the artist came up with an alternate style more suited to books.” (p. .46) And, John Lasseter, CCO of Pixar Animation and Walt Disney Animation Studios, writes, “When you look at the Golden Books of Walt Disney’s films, they’re not illustrated with cels on painted backgrounds, they’re artistic interpretations.” (p. 125)


The Disney Golden Books are little works of art, infused with the delightful stories we all know and love. I think my Snow White Golden Book was read so many times it fell apart. I also remember loving The Sword in the Stone Golden Book. As a child I treasured these little books. They were ways to relive the stories over and over again. They are small, easy for little hands to carry, and always filled with great stories and art.


The Art of the Disney Golden Books is a way for adults to indulge again in memories from their past. This beautiful book not only includes amazing artwork, but also tells the story of the history of the little books and how the tradition continues. These little books are just as popular today as they were when I was a kid.
The books are wonderful for kids to look at before they are able to read the stories. And, as Bob Peterson, co-director of UP, explains, “You have these great picture books when kids don’t read; then within a couple years, they’re reading them to you. They’re definitely part of my daily fatherhood experience.” (p. 150)


Just reading how these little books have been part of the lives of several generations is interesting in itself, plus how the books are created is another interesting part of this coffee-table book. Even if you don’t read this book, just looking at the pictures is well worth it. It certainly brings back memories for me. From the early stories (The Poky Little Puppy) to the new ones, (Frozen) this book covers the whole history of these iconic children’s books.
As with the Little Golden Books, this is a book that kids will enjoy for the pictures, and adults will enjoy for both the pictures and the text.


On a personal note: I cannot stop opening this book. Every time I open it to a new page, I am transported to either my childhood or a classic Disney story. The Disney memories and legacy of stories, laughs, tears, and smiles are all wrapped up in this book.


The Art of the Disney Golden Books

Publisher: Disney Editions

Hardcover: 160 pages

Release date: April 8, 2014

ISBN-10: 142316380X

ISBN-13: 978-1423163800

List price: $35.00


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