The Beatles LOVE at the Mirage

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For over five years Cirque Du Soleil’s The Beatles LOVE has been wowing audiences with sights and sounds. After experiencing the show I now know why.


The Beatles provided the soundtrack to a generation and The Beatles LOVE brings a new dimension to many of their songs. The music is only one part of this experience, however. The dancers, acrobats, and visual effects combine with the music for an experience for the eyes and ears. There is so much going on in this theater in the round, that it’s difficult to take it all in.


Cirque Du Soleil is known for recruiting the best dancers and acrobats. Just watching their amazing talent is awesome, and when that is combined with the songs from the Beatles, well, you have a very special show. But even if you are not a fan of the Fab Four, this is a show that will excite you. There are acrobatic maneuvers overhead, dancing and acrobatic movements on the stage, and images projected on screens. It’s mesmerizing and I kept wondering how bodies could bend and move like the performers’ incredibly fit physiques. If only I had kept up my dance lessons when I was young maybe I could move like them. Well, maybe not! These performers are the cream of the crop.


Sometimes I found myself watching the psychedelic images on the screens and listening to the music. Then something on stage would catch my eye and I would turn my focus there. But then an acrobat would descend from above and, well, you get the picture. There is always something fascinating going on, no one could be bored in this show.


As the show progresses, various scenes relating to the music are played out on the stage. The costumes and the hairstyles took me back to the 60s and 70s. It was literally a flashback to what many people recall as “the good old days.”


And, if you sit close to the stage, you might get an interactive experience with the performers. But no matter where you are seated, you will get the full effects of the show.


Aerial performances, freestyle dance, psychedelic images, and the intense energy of the amazing performers create an experience that enhances the songs most of us know by heart and embraces some of the characters created by the Beatles: Eleanor Rigby, Father McKenzie, Lady Madonna, Nowhere Man, The Walrus, and Sergeant Pepper. These characters come to life on stage surrounded by the sights and sounds of Cirque Du Soleil.


The Beatles’ LOVE at The Mirage in Las Vegas is an amazing experience. Yes, it is an experience not just a show. After all, all you need is love, and that is what the performers put into this extravaganza.
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