Black Canyon River Adventure

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If you’re in the Las Vegas area, for a different perspective on Southern Nevada why not get away from the hustle and bustle of the activities of the city and head for the Colorado River? No, I’m not talking about a white water – and white knuckle – rafting experience. The Forever Resorts Company offers a peaceful motor-assisted rafting trip that gives visitors a unique perspective of Hoover Dam and the Colorado River. There are a couple tour options to select.


Our unique tour began at the base of Hoover Dam, where we got a great viewpoint of the dynamic of this impressive building achievement. The raft is comfortable and the tour guides are knowledgeable about every twist and turn of the river. One note: if you don’t want to get a little wet, sit at the rear of the boat. Children are welcome on these tours. Those under 12 are required to wear life vests for a little more security.




On the tour rafters learn some of the history of this area of the world, and especially the history of the building of the Dam. The dam was built to tame the Colorado River and supply water to other areas of the Southwest. Building the structure and keeping tabs on the river were not easy, as you’ll discover.


Black Canyon straddles the borders of Nevada and Arizona. While rafting down the river, the history of the flora and fauna are also discussed, as is the geology of this part of the country. Floods and other natural occurrences have shaped not only the river, but also the landscape of the earth, and being down on the water is an interesting way to see the changes that took place over the history of the planet.




Hidden coves, quiet beaches, and the wonders of Mother Nature combine to make this rafting experience something to remember. Because of the nature of nature itself, every trip is different. Water levels and other occurrences may make it impossible for the raft to access certain areas, but that’s just part of the experience. And, if you do get to Emerald Cave, you will definitely be impressed with what Mother Nature has created. It’s as though she illuminated the water in this cave with emerald green lights.


Willow Beach is where our rafting tour ended. It’s known as “The gateway to the Black Canyon of the Colorado River.” This section of the river, which is between Hoover Dam and Davis Dam, creates Lake Mohave, a fun lake for boaters and water sports enthusiasts. Willow Beach Marina offers plenty of rental equipment for fishing, kayaking, and canoeing on the lake. Transportation back to the departure point is provided.




The next time you are in Las Vegas, check out the Black Canyon Adventures. They have several options and boxed lunches are often included. This is a fun experience for families and couples, and a great way to spend a day. Or, if you only have a short time available but still want to see the dam from a new perspective, their “postcard” tour is less than an hour, and you’ll still have some interesting stories and photos to show your friends.


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  • Full-day tours depart daily from the Hacienda Hotel on Highway 93, just outside historic Boulder City approximately 20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip.
  • Postcard tours depart daily from the Hacienda Hotel
  • Black Canyon River Adventure Tour
    Adult (16 years & older): $92
    Child (13-15 years): $87
    Child (5-12 years): $58
  • Postcard Tour: $35 per person (all ages)
  • Round-trip transportation from your hotel: $49 per person


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