The TCM Wine Club is a nice way to enhance your movie-watching experience

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Do you like sampling wines from around the world? Do you like good old movies? If you answered yes to both of these questions then you will be interested in the TCM Wine Club. TCM (Turner Classic Movies) is known for going the extra mile when it comes to showing their films. With introductions filled with background information about the movies and great interviews with actors, TCM is the viewing destination for movie lovers.

The TCM Wine Club is one of the unique offerings from the network. Enrolling in the club is easy and it’s also easy to personalize your selections. If you want to receive only red wines, there is that option. The same goes for white wines. And if you prefer a mixture of wines, then there’s that too.

The TCM Wine Club lets members experience wines from around the world. But not only that, they include movie pairings that are selected to go along with specific films. Of course you don’t have to only drink the specific wine with the paired film, but the pairing was created to enhance viewing pleasure.

Included in each case are background information about the wines and the winemakers, food-pairing tips, and plenty more. Plus, each case includes a movie-themed wine.

Every quarter a new case will be delivered to your door. You have the option of postponing a delivery or cancelling at any time.

For more information about the TCM Wine Club, go to their website. The website includes plenty of party ideas, recipes, and much more.

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