Tower to the People: Tesla’s Dream at Wardenclyffe Continues

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Do you know who Nikola Tesla was? Have you ever heard of Nikola Tesla? You probably think of the Tesla electric car when you hear the name Tesla. “Tower to the People: Tesla’s Dream at Wardenclyffe Continues” is an amazing documentary that explores the genius and humanity of this man whose impact on our lives today is incalculable.

Did you see the movie “Tomorrowland” starring George Clooney? If so, then you know that Tesla is an important figure in science. He was one of the great minds at the top of the Eiffel Tower in that sci-fi film, along with Eiffel, Thomas Edison, and Jules Verne. So why did they include Nikola Tesla in this? This new documentary lays out Tesla’s creativity, imagination, and dedication to his vision of the future.

While Thomas Edison is the man we all study in school and the most famous of the inventors of his time, it was in fact Nikola Tesla who had an even greater idea for the world. He wanted to create wireless energy using the earth’s magnetism and natural forces and distribute it for free to all the corners of the world. He also had a vision of the entire world living in harmony and peace.

Initially Tesla went to Colorado Springs to create his project that did indeed produce energy. It was so strong the energy on the ground could be measured when he unleashed his forces. He produced artificial lightening and lightening balls. When he knew for certain his invention was viable, he joined with J.P. Morgan (for funding) to build a tower on Long Island, which he called Wardenclyffe. This was the time of Edison, Marconi, Westinghouse, and others. The turn of the century was filled with endless possibilities, yet most people wanted to use their inventions for financial gain, especially Morgan who ultimately caused the end of the Tesla dream at Wardenclyffe.

Born in Croatia in 1856, Tesla became a U.S. citizen in 1891. He has not been given the credit he deserves. Without him our modern day computers wouldn’t exist. He developed the bladeless turbine engine among his many inventions and had a vision for an alternating current system that would power the world. Imagine no power lines. Imagine being able to get electricity from the earth’s natural current. Imagine streets that were pulsing with natural energy so your car would never need any other power source. Imagine.

Tesla is underrated and ignored in our history, and unjustly so. His genius was immeasurable. He was definitely a man whose ideas were ahead of his time. Or were they?

After his lab and tower at Wardenclyffe was sold then fell into disrepair, a group of Tesla supporters decided to turn the facility into a science museum. Then they decided to recreate Tesla’s dream and through the help of the Internet and crowd funding they were able to purchase the facility and the land. Now they are working toward Tesla’s dream.

This documentary is an important look at Nikola Tesla, a humanitarian scientist and inventor who was responsible for many things we take for granted today. Through recreations, interviews, and photographs, Nikola Tesla’s dream comes to life for viewers as they realize what this man contributed and could have contributed if the greed of J. P. Morgan hadn’t stopped him.

Be prepared to be amazed with this film. For more information about “Tower to the People: Tesla’s Dream at Wardenclyffe Continues” and how to get a copy for yourself, click here. It is an electrifying story, no pun intended.

Most of the film is dedicated to Nikola Tesla, however the last part delves into the power of the Internet and crowd funding. While it is interesting to see how the money was raised for the project, perhaps the film could have been just a little shorter on this aspect. Otherwise, it is truly fascinating to finally learn about this man.

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