Coco Learns Spanish Book 1

Ages:0 - 8

Press and play song books for children to learn Spanish!!!!

With this book, you will learn Spanish fast and efficiently: This book contains practical vocabulary for both spoken and written Spanish.

Intended for beginners and intermediate students, this book covers vocabulary roughly from CEFR A1 (complete beginner) to B1 (somewhat proficient).

To help you become fluent fast, each entry in this book contains

• English translation(s)
• Spanish to English example sentences
• IPA phonetic spelling
• detailed Part of Speech information

The Spanish Frequency Dictionary – Essential Vocabulary gives you a practical word list to learn Spanish vocabulary. Study the most used words to rapidly gain a base vocabulary in Spanish. These high frequency words are a great tool for beginners and intermediate students.

The frequency dictionary can be used as a stand-alone tool, or in combination with any other language learning program, app or book. This book roughly covers CEFR vocabulary ratings from A1 (absolute beginner) to B1 (somewhat proficient).

Invest this book, and invest in yourself. You will amaze yourself, your friends and your family by how fast you’re progressing in your journey of speaking Spanish.

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