Skinny Legs and Fat Cheeks

Ages:3 - 5 years old

Skinny Legs and Fat Cheeks is a picture book for 3-5 year-olds about two animals with unique characteristics that are first perceived as having bad attributes of their bodies but they end up as being lifesavers. Zuri, the giraffe, has a very long neck and skinny legs which are quite unique, however, considered by Kubwa, the hippopotamus, to be funny looking when compared to his huge and stubby fat body. By calling each other names based upon these characteristics, these magnificent creatures point out these differences and clearly state they would never consider each other as friends. However, they both soon find out how those qualities actually are blessings because they save each other from losing their lives during a horrific wild fire. This terrible experience could have been devastating, but instead, a bonding one where the giraffe and hippopotamus become true friends despite their body differences. This book is to highlight how people can quickly judge others instead of celebrating their differences; and those unique qualities could even be lifesaving.

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