DragonBaby's Blazin' Bottoms Fanny Creme

Ages:Birth - to potty trained

Blazin’ Bottoms Fanny Crème is made of natural, herbal, certified organic and ethical ingredients – only the very best for your DragonBaby! Blazin’ Bottoms Fanny Crème is a unique diaper cream in that it comes in a metered, airless pump as opposed to a jar or a tube. This virtually eliminates contamination issues and over-dispensing, and makes application simple and one-handed. Blazin’ Bottoms is made with soothing, organic aloe vera juice, organic shea butter, organic coconut oil and kaolin clay as well as the herbal goodness of chamomile, lavender and tea tree essential oils. Truly cloth diaper-friendly. A little goes a long way! 100 mL