Portable, lightweight, and compact, stride™ is a simple and convenient walking solution that encourages healthy living and creates a walking experience that leads to a happy, healthy and calm pet. Unlike typical waste bags, stride™ waste bags are dispensed individually since they are folded flat like travel tissue. While the task of picking up after your dog isn’t always pleasant, stride’s™ built-in hand sanitizer compartment makes it easy to keep your hands clean and germ free. Consumers can replenish the refillable compartment with any preferred brand of hand sanitizer. The pedometer feature of stride™ helps keep track of each step with its multi-axis technology, activity monitoring options for steps, distance, and calories, and up to seven days of stored information. Stride’s™ pedometer will help you stay motivated toward better health for you and your faithful canine companion. Its glow in the dark strap is adjustable and attaches easily to the handle of any dog leash or belt loop.