Tiny Teethers Silicone Pacifier Clip

Ages:3 months - 2 years

Tiny Teethers silicone pacifier clip is designed with your baby in mind. Our silicone clip is a custom design, safe for your little one to teethe on. We are the only company that makes a pacifier clip safe for babies to teethe on any part. Our beads are lightweight so that the soother is not being pulled out of your little one’s mouth, which could create dental problems. With 6 years in the industry, we’ve designed a product that is not only beautiful, but also functional.

Available online and at: Walmart (CA) – Walmart.com – Amazon.com/ca – Macys.com – Pink and Blue Avenue (US) – Little Brown Bear (US) – Crocodile Baby (CA) – West Coast Mamas (CA) – Goldtex (CA) – Little Village Shop (CA)