Sophie and Scottie's Adventures of Something's Fishy

Ages:8 - 12
Price:$10.00 - $20.00

This book is the second in the Adventures of Sophie and Scottie Series! Sophie and Scottie receive another picture from their Auntie Jill that will activate their magical frame. The instructions are clear from their auntie; ride their horses through the frame onto a remote Pacific Island! They meet up with their Auntie and their new uncle; Dr. Drake. But not all is as it seems and the ocean currents are flowing strangely. The sisters need to help figure out what is wrong while befriending a purple dolphin that always blows bubbles and an otter that loves shiny objects! Once again, join Sophie and Scottie as they learn to scuba dive and must use their team work and a dash of science to solve the “fishy” mystery!

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