TheGreenGloveDryer® TheEcoDryer® with Antimicrobial Protection

Ages:24 - 45

TheGreenGloveDryer® TheEcoDryer® is an eco-friendly, energy free drying solution that utilizes only forced air or heat to dry wet gear from the inside out. Reversing the drying process by beginning on this inside allows for efficient and effective drying during the coldest winter months, 24-hours per day. Eliminating the need for plug-in dryers saves homeowners, schools and resorts on energy costs by reducing kilowatt hours as much as .08 kwz/hr every 20 minutes compared to dryers utilizing electric or gas. Portable, packable and weighs less than one pound. Includes convenient storage and travel bag. Our newest model TheEcoDryer is set to launch Fall 2018.

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