When I Miss My Special Pet, I Have a Plan

by Katherine Eskovitz

Price:$24.95 HC $11.68 SC

When I Miss My Special Pet, I Have a Plan is a groundbreaking children’s picture book to help cope with loss in a healthy way. Experiencing the death of a pet can be confusing and scary for children, but it can also provide the opportunity to help children process death constructively. This book introduces the concept of death gently, honestly, and concretely, while respecting all beliefs. Grounded in brain science, children will be empowered to L.E.A.D.: to integrate Logic and Emotions to Analyze and Decide on a plan for when they miss their pet. Learning facts about death, examining the emotions involved, analyzing suggestions, and deciding on a plan teaches resilience and lifelong coping and communication skills. Children of different ages and developmental stages will understand the book’s concepts in different ways, making it appropriate for all ages, and providing a thoughtful and comforting framework for discussion. It is essential that children’s early experiences with loss be addressed in a healthy way, and with this book as your guide, children will learn not only to cope but to grow.

Blueprint it: This Have a Plan title can also be personalized here. You can add names, a dedication, a character resembling the child, photos of the pet with the child or alone, and/or details specific to the situation, all of which can help a child better cope with loss. This book will not only comfort and guide children during this difficult time, but also serve as a beautiful keepsake to honor and remember their special pet.