When It Is Time For Bed, I Have a Plan

Price:$37.95 HC, $12.59 SC

When It’s Time for Bed, I Have a Plan is a groundbreaking children’s picture book about healthy sleep habits. Getting enough sleep is critical for everyone, particularly for children whose brains are developing. Grounded in brain science, children will be entertained and empowered to L.E.A.D.: to integrate Logic and Emotions to Analyze and Decide on a bedtime plan. Learning about the science of sleep, exploring the emotions involved, analyzing suggestions on ways to relax the body and calm the mind, and developing their own bedtime plan gives children a sense of control, teaches anticipatory behavior, and boosts brainpower in the process. This practical yet fun approach, based on the neuroscience of sleep, teaches healthy sleep practices for life, making this book a must-read for children of all ages, from toddlers to teens—and it will help parents improve their sleep, too!

The special audio download, “Good Night, Dear Brain (yawn), Good Night,” is narrated by Jennifer Garner, actress, film producer, humanitarian, and mother of three. This audio recording is a first-of-its-kind three-minute talk for kids to listen to at bedtime. This gentle talk helps children prepare to fall asleep by teaching invaluable lifelong skills of healthy breathing and calming of the body and brain—children will want to listen and practice every night.

We donate $1 from every purchase of our sleep book to , which gives millions of children the opportunity to learn and grow through their early education programs.

Blueprint it! If you choose to personalize this Have a Plan Book, children will be able to learn about sleep while viewing their name, personal photos, a dedication, a character resembling the child, and/or personalized sleep details. It is not only engaging but useful for children to see themselves as the hero of their own story; it promotes both comprehension and recall of critical information about sleep, helping everyone get more rest for good!