Bully Bean by Thomas Weck and Peter Weck, Lima Bear Press

Ages:3-8 Yrs

After seeing what an issue bullying has become in today’s society, Thomas and Peter Weck realized the need for addressing this issue in a way kids can understand. They offer one approach; turn a bully into a friend. In the kingdom of Beandom, Bully Bean is feared. He makes fun of other beans, plays mean tricks, and puts others in danger. Lima Bear seems to be Bully Ben’s favorite bean to pick on perhaps because Lima Bear is the only bean with green fur and is always helping others. Whenever Bully Bean is spotted, they chant: “Oh, ban Bully Bean, What makes you so mean? Whenever you’re near. We all run in fear”. 


But what happens when Bully Bean is in danger? What will Lima Bear and his friends do? Will they rescue him? Bully Bean expects to just be left there in pain, but Lima Bear soon returns with a large group of beans, and they all help rescue Bully Bean. Even though Bully Bean has bullied Lima Bear for a long time, he knows that treating Bully Bean with kindness is the right thing to do. This kindness makes him decide to use his large size to help with tasks in the Kingdom rather than hurt people. 


In each of the Lima Bear books, there are two major sections at the end: Extend the Learning & Activities.  These two section bring the children directly in to the story with their comments, observations, and performance of fun activities all relating directly to the story about how wring it is to bully and what you can do. These sections are ideal for teachers and librarians as well as parents to emphasize this point.