Dyson Pure Cool Purifier Fan


The new Dyson Pure Cool is both a fan and an air purifier. This powerful unit delivers purified air with the Dyson technology. The Dyson Pure Cool removes 99.955% of ultrafine particles. For those of us with allergies and sensitivities, this is a must have. If you have one or know about the Dyson fans then you know how amazing they are. They use a technology that channels air through an aperture then pushes or blows it out. Unlike conventional fans that use blades to circulate the air, the Dyson fans do not have any blades, thereby eliminating any potential danger to little fingers. And they look really neat. The designs of the Dyson fans is modern yet fits into any décor.

With the new addition of the purifier, the Dyson Pure Cool adds an additional aspect to the fan. It eliminates particles, fumes and odors, making it a perfect unit in households with animals. And think about the cooking odors you don’t want hanging around long after the dinner has been digested. This purifier takes the odors out of the air.

The Dyson Pure Cool has several settings. Select whether you want it to blow in one direction or oscillate. The small remote control is easy to use and lets you change settings from across the room. And, there is a sleep timer so the unit will turn itself off automatically in up to 9 hours. Blue_Remote_Control.ashx

The second duty of this handy machine is the cooling aspect. Remember, it is a fan as well as a purifier. The Dyson Pure Cool is especially important when the weather is hot and you need to cool down a room. For those without air conditioning, fans are important. And for those with AC using a fan in a single room instead of running the AC in the entire house will save energy costs.

Personally I can see three main rooms in which I will be using my unit. The kitchen is definitely a place for odors. The Dyson Pure Cool keeps the room cool and odor free when cooking. The family room is where the family gathers to watch TV and where guests gravitate. This is a perfect location for the unit, keeping the air clean and refreshing.

Allergy sufferers will most likely want to sleep with the unit in their bedrooms. And nurseries will benefit from cleaner air.

The bottom line is the Dyson Pure Cool is an all-year round fan. At lower settings it acts primarily as an air purifier and at higher settings it doubles as a purifier and a cooling fan. And when it’s cranked up it definitely delivers on the cooling aspect.

The specially designed glass HEPA filter lasts for six months or approximately 4382 hours of continuous use. To keep your air clean, simply replace the filter twice a year to eliminate almost 100% of the bacteria, pollen, allergens, pollutants, and odors in your house.

I have always liked the Dyson fans and the Dyson Pure Cool is a giant leap forward. Purifying the air is beneficial to our health and everyone can breathe a little easier. Combining the technology of a Dyson fan with a purifier is pure genius. I have been using the Dyson Pure Cool in my bedroom and I awake in the morning without any breathing difficulties or allergies and no congestion. I am sold on this product.

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