EyeDoll Chatter - Kit Full Of Kisses


EyeDoll Chatter is a collection of mineral makeup kits that let tweens/teens customize eye, cheek and lip colors and share them using a free iPhone app.  The products feature aluminum-free titanium dioxide and zinc oxide for natural sun-protection.  And just as important is what is not used.  EyeDoll Chatter formulas are always talc-free, dye-free and free of parabens and other chemical irritants.  Color products are all-natural, shimmers and lip balms are scented with cosmetic-grade, skin-safe fragrances, and all formulas are proudly made in the U.S.A.  Every kit contains a sextet of mix-and-match color and scent or flavor components, all housed in individual 5 ml. mini-jars.  Each can be used alone or mixed with others for a multitude of every day and special occasion looks, from soft, natural sparkle to deep, dramatic color.