Lollipop Bandz

Ages:3-16 Yrs

Dazzling, colorful, multipurpose silicon bands, packaged 5 to a lollipop. 5 brightly colored bands wrapped around a lollipop card with a colorful stick. Each of the 5 is a different color and each has a different shape (teddy bears, flowers, hearts, happy faces, piggies, dinosaurs, fish, . . .) recurring along its length. The adjustable Lollipop Clasp lets you affix them to just about anything – your wrist, fingers, hair, backpack, shoelaces – anywhere you want to add style and color. Just pull the Lollipop Ball at one end of the band through the Lolliloop at the other and keep pulling until it’s snug. Mix, match, collect, stack, and trade!