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What’s more uncomfortable than cold feet? When we’re home and the weather outside is snowy, rainy, or just plain cold, we like to snuggle up in comfortable clothing that feel good and keep us warm. But often we have plain socks for our feet. Sure, they’re better than nothing, but with the new Heat Holders Character Slipper Socks, we now have soft, warm, fun thermal slipper socks for the whole family.

For men there are the gray/yellow/black Batman themed slipper socks, yellow Minions, black stormtroopers, black Darth Vader, and blue/red Superman.

For boys there are the new green Incredible Hulk slipper socks, yellow Minions, black Star Wars, and red SpiderMan.

Girls will like the pink Olaf socks, lavender Elsa/Anna, and raspberry Disney Princess socks.

And for women there is a pair of purple Snoopy socks and black/pink Minnie Mouse socks.
Every pair is soft, insulated, and keep feet warm and dry. They also have slip resistant bottom with corresponding rubber designs to keep you safe on slippery floors.

Imagine cold winter nights when the family is gathered together with some popcorn to watch a fun movie in front of the fireplace. Now add these Heat Holder Character Slipper Socks for everyone and the night got even more fun and warm. Or think about your kids doing their homework on chilly nights. Sleepovers will be more fun with these slipper socks. And don’t forget them when traveling.

We always think of hats, gloves, and coats to keep warm when we’re outside, but we often forget staying warm inside. Whether you’re wearing your regular daytime clothes or your snuggly pajamas, these slipper socks will make you more comfy when you’re home. The Heat Holders special yarn and technology together with the fun of the characters make these slipper socks not only entertaining but also practical. They are the best way to keep your feet warm, short of piling on layers of blankets. And when our feet are warm, we tend to be warmer all over.

These socks also make great gifts for the holidays or winter birthdays. Kids socks list for $14.99 and adults list for $19.99.

Check out their website for designs and sizes.

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