juDanzy Gift sets for Babies

Ages:0-18 months

We all know babies grow quickly. So why do we spend a ton of money on clothes for them when they’ll outgrow them in a few weeks? juDanzy is a company that makes adorable baby and toddler clothes for a fraction of the price you normally expect to pay for a baby’s outfit.

Each one of their gift sets comes in a special box designed specifically for that outfit. And every one of their outfits comes with accessories. For instance, the “Snowy Charlotte Gift Set” includes not only a pink long-sleeved bodysuit, but also matching leg warmers and a headband.

For warmer weather there is a sweet “Martian Gift Set” that includes a short-sleeved bodysuit, leg warmers and a little knotted cap. Fashionista baby girls can get spruced up with the “Born to Sparkle Gift Set,” that includes a bodysuit, ruffled leg warmers, and a headband with a bow. Talk about making an entrance!

And when you talk about making an entrance for a baby boy, the Navy Blue Seersucker 3-Piece Set adds just the right amount of haute couture to any baby’s wardrobe. Seriously. This set includes a diaper cover, long tie, and adorable cabbie hat. Add a t-shirt and any little fellow will look like he’s ready for his photo. He’ll be the classiest baby in the room.

The 3-piece sets (with the cabbie hat, tie, and diaper cover) are not something you see every day. They are adorable and available in different colors and designs with stripes and plaids. There’s no doubt they will be what the best dressed babies will be wearing this year!

The material is quality. It doesn’t feel flimsy and the seams are tightly sewn.
Besides the gift sets juDanzy also has stand-alone rompers and accessories for babies (as well as some clothing for older kids). However if you’re looking for a different baby gift, check out their gift sets. All you have to do is add a ribbon and bow and they’re ready to give.

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