Newest Edition of Disney’s Animators’ Collection Dolls


Animators-Collection-1The Animators’ Collection is a popular and adored line of dolls from Disney. The folks there have taken classic Disney characters and reimagined them as young kids. In this third incarnation of the series, the dolls once again come with a little “side kick” that holds special interest for the character. When they premiered the original series, the dolls had their pals with them, but the second edition did not. The second edition changed the dresses completely. Now the clothing is reminiscent of the original edition and of course, the little pals are back!


Anna and Elsa each come with their own Olaf, and of course little Kristoff holds his best friend Sven. Ariel comes with little Flounder, Aurora comes with The Owl, Belle includes a little Chip, Cinderella holds Jaq, Jasmine has Raja, Merida holds a little Angus, Pocahontas comes with Meeko the raccoon, Rapunzel has Pascal, Mulan has her dog Little Brother, Snow White has a little bluebird, Tiana has of course a frog, and Tinker Bell comes with a little baby crocodile.


Besides now including a little friend for each doll, most of their costumes have been redone. They are updated versions of the original edition of Animators’ Collection Dolls. With most of the same coloring and somewhat the same styles as the original edition, there are some minor changes.

Snow White is minus her cape yet Aurora does have her satin shawl back. Perhaps the two biggest wardrobe changes are with Aurora and Merida. Aurora is back to wearing her Briar Rose costume, and Merida’s costume returns to her blue and gold.


The outfits are only part of the charm of these dolls. The actual faces are what really impact consumers. They are each adorable and kids – as well as adults – will have a difficult time choosing which one – or which ones – to buy. Disney animators did an incredible job reimagining the characters as young children, however in the case of Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff they were each portrayed as little kids in the movie Frozen, so it wasn’t that much of a stretch to create them in doll form.


Animators-Collection-3Every face depicts innocence and sweetness. These wide-eyed little faces will melt anyone’s heart. And we have artists like Becky Brese, Bill Schwab, Jin Kim, Tony Smeed, Steve Thompson, Glen Keane, Matt Nolte, and Mark Henn to thank for these cherubic dolls.


There is no doubt the newest edition of Disney’s Animators’ Collection Dolls will be the most wished for presents this holiday season. One look at them and you’ll know why. With their updated costumes and their little pals, this edition of Disney’s Animators’ Collection is adorable.


So, whether you select baby Snow White, the fairest one of all, the young adventurous Ariel, sweet little Belle, sensitive Pocahontas, the young Jasmine, bright-eyed Rapunzel, “Bayou Baby” Tiana, mischievous Merida, classic Cinderella, precious Aurora, Baby Tinker Bell, or the Frozen kids (Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff), you can’t make a wrong decision. They are all wonderful and will be loved by kids and adults.
Each box includes the 16 inch doll, their little pal, and character sketches by the animators. They are recommended for ages 3 and up.


Note: If you intend on displaying your dolls, Kaiser Doll Stands are made in America. There are a couple models that will probably be best for this line of dolls. The #3001 and #2601 should work with a little tweaking on the clips to stretch them just a bit so they won’t squeeze the doll’s abdomen too hard.


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