Sbyke P16 Scooter

Ages:5-8 Yrs

Sbyke is the go anywhere, go anytime scooter that thrills riders with the sensation of skiing or surfing without leaving the sidewalk. The P16 is a self-standing scooter. This unique design feature helps kids learn to ride and develop essential balance skills. Sbyke can turn on a dime by leaning left or right. The rearsteer skate truck is the sharp-carving secret while the handle bars and hand-brake give the rider stability and control.  The big front wheel rolls right over cracks and ruts and carries up to 110 lbs. Small and lightweight, the Sbyke can fit in the trunk of almost any car. It’s great for cruising around the neighborhood, in the city, at the park, on campus or along the beachside boardwalk.