Slice Fractions

Ages:5-11 Yrs

Slice Fractions is an award-winning game that intuitively introduces important concepts about fractions — the bottleneck of early math education. You will slice through ice and lava to clear the mammoth’s path and meet unusual friends as you travel through intriguing physics puzzles. We teamed up with university education experts to craft an incredibly fun way to learn fractions. The app offers a safe digital environment, without banner advertising or in-app purchases.
Awards won so far:
*** Winner of a Parents’ Choice Gold Award 2014
*** Apple Editor’s Choice
*** Gold Medal Winner 2014 — International Serious Play Awards
*** Best Family Friendly Game 2014 — Indie Prize Showcase Awards (Casual Connect)
*** Editor’s Choice for Excellence in Design — Children’s Technology Review

Trailer, screenshots:

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A few words on Slice Fractions: The goal of the game is for kids to discover important concepts behind fractions. The concepts are not made explicit in the game – the intent is that kids will gradually understand notions such as even splitting, fraction comparison, etc. through induction. Parents or teachers can then use game situations / levels as a reference point that kids are excited to learn more about. Words like “equivalent fractions” can then be introduced and formally explained.

You also might notice that Slice Fractions progression towards visible fractions is quite gradual. You will not see actual numbers until the second world (about 32 levels). This is intentional. We did multiple playtests in classrooms to find that most kids aged between 7 and 11 needed that time to get accustomed to the numerical representation of fractions. Plenty still happens during those early levels though as we introduce concepts such as even splitting (common core 2.G.A.2 and 2.G.A.3).